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As women grow older or undergo various biological processes such as childbearing, the collagen fibres in the vaginal walls begin to loosen.

Naturally, vagina walls are elastic, but there are a couple of factors that contribute to the loosening of the walls. Some of the common factors that interfere with a woman’s quality of life are a decrease in erotic sensation, stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and loss of vaginal lubrication, among others. Luckily, physicians and media personnel are beginning to talk about this issue openly.

Surprisingly, there are non-invasive methods that can help you regain a tight vagina. Scientists have developed devices that are capable of treating these changes by use of laser energy or radiofrequency.

The process involves inducing collagen tightening. Also, fillers can be used to inject the G spot or the clitoris. Though not all scientists believe that the G spot exists, it is described to be a sexual stimulation area just inside the opening frontal wall of the vagina.

In this millennial’s era, the demand for female genital rejuvenation is increasing every day. The younger women don’t want a hindrance that can prevent them from enjoying sex. The discussion of vagina tightening is receiving massive attention than ever before.

Femiwand Vaginal Tightening Service from HIFU Cheltenham

This state-of-the-art technology is used to tighten collagen fibres in the vagina. The technique employs the use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that has made its name in the vaginal rejuvenation industry. Also, this impressive medical application has been successfully used in cosmetic treatment, such as in skin laxity.

Many people still find it difficult to talk about this issue openly. Medical practitioners understand that it is quite uneasy and embarrassing to talk about this topic. Therefore, they do all they can to make you feel comfortable and also respect your privacy.

Here are several reasons for reduced vaginal elasticity:

  • Surgery
  • Childbearing
  • Obesity
  • Smoking cigarette
  • Having undergone hysterectomy
  • Normal aging

How the Vaginal Walls Loosen?

When any of the highlighted events occurs, the natural skin collagen is replaced with fibres that do not stretch properly. Femiwand is a non-invasive method that uses smart technology (HIFU) to restore fibres that stretch correctly.

This technique has made a name in the medical and cosmetic industry.

Who Is A Candidate for Femiwand Vaginal Tightening treatment Cheltenham?

The treatment is suitable for any healthy female above the age of thirty years. However, breastfeeding women and expectant mothers are advised not to undergo the procedure. Women who have just given birth recently are advised to wait at least three months before undergoing the treatment process.

How Is This Procedure Carried Out?

As said earlier, this is a non-invasive vagina tightening method. The method is well designed to restore and repair vaginal walls without having to use numbing or anesthetic creams.

Femiwand utilizes ultrasound energy to produce intensive thermal heating to the inner layers of the vaginal tissues. The procedure is entirely accurate as it allows the physician to be in total control over the motion of ultrasound. This creates a soothing effect that ensures immense comfort for every patient.

The procedure takes an average duration of 20 minutes. This means that preparation for the process does not interfere with your routine. On the other hand, no patient has reported pain or any other side effect. The full treatment is scheduled four to six weeks apart.

Why Choose Femiwand Non -Surgical Vagina Tightening?

To start with, this non-invasive vaginal treatment method is painless and requires no downtime. Besides, it only takes 20 minutes, thus do not interfere with your normal life.

How to Prepare for The Procedure?

There are a lot of things to consider before deciding to undergo this process. First, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers are advised to stay away from the procedure until the elapse of three months after giving birth naturally. Second, women are highly encouraged not to undergo the treatment while they are in their menstrual cycle. Also, for better results, women are encouraged not to engage themselves in intercourse for at least 24 hours after undergoing the treatment. Other factors vary from one person to another. Therefore, there is a need to visit a physician who will cross-examine and study your physique.

What Do You Expect During This Non-Surgical Treatment Procedure?

The genesis of this method is a vaginal examination. The examination is carried out with the view of accessing the area to make sure everything is alright for the treatment process to kick off. Then the physician disinfects the FemiWand instrument, the femiWand ultrasound, and the vagina itself.

The physician will then apply some ultrasound gel to the Wand, Log it with a lubricant and a condom. This process prepares the tools for the business.

The expert goes on and starts working on the vagina. This process is characterized by a 4.5mm cartridge, which is inserted four inches deep into the vagina. The Wand emits ultrasound evenly to the deepest layer of the vagina. The cartridge is designed to rotate 360 degrees to cover all walls of the vagina.

The ultrasound penetrates the deeper tissues, an event that causes a warm tingly sensation. This process takes place for around three minutes. To ensure that the ultrasound is distributed evenly, the Wand is pulled out an inch and left to rotate for three more minutes. This process is repeated three times up to the last inch of the vagina.

To wrap up this fantastic process, the “like a virgin” rejuvenation antidote is inserted into the vagina. The serum is fed to provide essential nutritious elements into the newly developed collagen fibres. Change does not take long to be felt. An immediate improvement is evident minutes after the process.

Why Do Women Choose Vagina Tightening?

The sole purpose of this process is to improve the quality of life. Women who succeed in restoring their vagina tightness tend to be more confident and have admirable self-esteem. On the other hand, tightening the vagina helps sexually active women to enjoy their bedroom matters with their husbands. Even if vagina looseness is rarely talked about, it is a critical condition that can make women feel sad, frustrated, embarrassed, and uncomfortable with their bodies.