Upper Arm Fat Treatment Cheltenham

The upper arms or bingo wings can cause issues with self confidence and loss of self esteem when wearing a dress or top. We target the area and help reduce the unwanted fat and tighten the skin effectively. Contact us today!

HIFU & the Upper Arm Fat Treatment

Did you know that in surveys 3 out of 4 women focused on their upper arm area as the part of the body they were most unhappy with? Although a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise can help shape other body parts, this isn’t true for so-called ‘bingo wings’. A healthy lifestyle helps with weight loss but can’t restore firmness to the skin in the upper arms but there is a solution to get an Upper Arm Fat Treatment with HiFu.

What is the Ideal Solution for Bingo Wings?

HIFU treatment can help you. This procedure tightens the dermis, strengthens existing collagen and encourages the formation of new collagen. It penetrates beneath the outer surface of the skin (thereby protecting it), but is also able to reach higher temperatures than equivalent treatments using radio-frequency. This makes it an ideal solution for loose skin under the upper arms.

What are the Benefits of Using HIFU on the Upper Arm Fat Treatment?

Give Yourself a Boost with HIFU

If exercise and diet don’t work as well as you’d like, Hi-fu is the perfect solution for you! When the skin on your upper arms starts to sag you may loose confident in wearing certain clothes or doing activities that may expose your insecurities.

Once you see the results of your HIFU treatment, you’ll feel much better about yourself. Your self-esteem will soar, and you’ll no longer feel the need to conceal your arms. This will have an impact on your relationships with others as you’ll feel great and others will react to that.