Patients Journey Cheltenham

At HI-FU we try to make your Patient journey with us Cheltenham, as smooth and transparent as possible. Contact us today!

A Patients Journey With Us

We understand that when it comes to finding the best aesthetic Clinic plus choosing a cosmetic procedure that’ll help you can prove to be a challenging task. That is why it crucial that you have a consultation as part of your journey to see what its like to be with a patients journey.

Generally, the consultation is informal, relaxed and confidential. We’ll discuss your concerns and then explain the treatments that are available to help you reach your goals. Also, we will explain what you should expect from your treatment plan and your journey with us.

Reasons Clients Love us with being a Patients Journey

We don’t use any hard sell tactics; there’s no commitment to book treatments with us.
Every patient is unique, hence the treatment plan will be customised to meet individual needs.
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First Step



We have the consultation and the treatment on the same day. During your consultation, we’ll asses the area you want to improve, and make sure the treatment your looking for is right one for you. We will then explain in detail how the treatments work.

We’ll review your lifestyle and medical history to ensure you are fit for treatments. You’ll be able to ask a lot of questions and get a chance to view the before and after clients’ results. These clients we have treated were just like you.

We’ll advise you on your treatments options and then make a personalised treatment programme. It can be a combination of treatments or a single treatment that will help you attain the best results. You’ll be given a recommended treatment programme plus costings to take home Cheltenham and consider.

Second Step

Your  Treatment Programme 

Once you’ve made your decision and would like to continue with your treatment, programme, you’ll be booked in for your treatment sessions on times and days that work for you best. Our clinic opens 5 days a week, and we offer home visits Cheltenham on weekends and evenings 7 days a week.

The day you come for your first appointment, we’ll begin the session by taking several before photos meant for your records in the future. If you’re having body treatments, we’ll record your measurements and weight, and if you’re having face treatments, we’ll assess your skin.

You’ll be advised on the commitments of your after-care and provided with the necessary recommended homecare products for supporting your “In Clinic” treatments.

Throughout your treatment programme, your aesthetician is going to deliver safe, effective procedures while motivating you during the process and giving you advice on how you’ll achieve the best results. Also, your aesthetician will make sure you’re correctly following any homecare and after-care.

Third Step

Your Review and maintenance

After your treatment programme is completed, your aesthetician is going to schedule a review with you. This will be between 6 to 12 weeks after the procedure to assess your progress.

On your review appointment, we’ll evaluate your results and progress. At this point, we’ll discuss whether you need any additional treatments to further enhance the results.

We’ll advise you on maintenance treatments in case you need them for supporting your long-term results: we’ll schedule this for you.